Oakville, Ontario

Metrican's experienced design team provides our clients with a highly standardized tool design system that supports the manufacturing process. Our engineers and technical support staff provide the optimal stamping process to ensure delivery of a superior tool with quality finished parts.

Our capabilities include:

  • A dedicated team of high experienced in-house designers using NX software.
  • Complete 3D design using customized proprietary design software. Seamless integration of design with CNC processes.
  • Full forming simulations stations to predict and compensate for forming, thinning, compression, spring-back, part quality.
  • Complete simulation of transfer mechanisms and all moving components during design.
  • Highly structured design and review processed throughout the tool build with database tracking.
  • Full client integration during the design phase through online, live, tool reviews.
  • Full electronic tracking of all die components from design, order, reception and build.
  • Direct acceptance of Catia models, plus all other standard CAD interface files.