MetriCan believes that the Students of today will help drive the Company to continued success tomorrow!

For this reason, our plants do provide support Apprenticeships – mainly in the Tool and Die Trade (430A). Through an apprenticeship, individuals are given the opportunity to work and learn, with a one-day release for the duration of the 3-year program.

The Company does not contribute toward the cost of certified apprenticeship programs, however does agree to a one-day release, for those employees who are sponsored by the Company for their program. This one-day is unpaid, and the employees may be provided the opportunity to make up their hours (i.e. 4 days at 10 hrs/shift).

Additionally, upon successful completion of a certified apprenticeship program as a Tool & Die Maker, and obtaining a 430A ticket, the Company will provide a one-time only monetary award in recognition of their hard work.

For more information, contact Human Resources.

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